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Related post: Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 15:24:34 +0100 From: Gary Cutter Subject: RAINY BRIGHTON DAYS - 2WARNING: This story is homoerotic in content. This means that it may and probably will involve male on male sex of various ages. Also note that my characters do not wear condoms and that is because they are FICTIONAL.ALL MY CHARACTERS, PLACES AND SITUATIONS ARE FICTIONAL AND THE EVENTS PORTRAYED TAKE PLACE ON PLANET CUTTER. russian models gallery ANY RESEMBLENCE TO REAL PEOPLE, PLACES, ETC. ETC. IS TOTALLY COINCIDENTAL. The author recommends 'safe' sex in real life. You must be above the Age breast model gallery of Consent in your particular geopolitical area to read this sort of stuff and you should NEVER allow minors access but you knew that.I normally prefer to write in First Person (frowned on by the more technical authors) but I write as I like. I do like to try and approach the tale from the boys point of view... get into their tiny minds but you must realise if they sound a bit smartarse and over world weary at times that is me coming through. If they sound as thick as a christina modeling plank... that's them.All my stories (and parts thereof) are given SOLELY 11yo teenmodel to Nifty for distribution. If you wish boat model supply to use anything of mine please ask me, it's bianca daniels model only common courtesyEnjoy. If you have spare arquitecture models please donate a little cash to NIFTY. Keep NIFTY free and keep NIFTY RAINY BRIGHTON DAYSPART TWObyG. Cutter.I sat sprawled on the sofa and admired him as he lay there in front of the fire and offering. Offering his firm young body that is. If you haven't read the lead upto this story, Dave was my brand new lodger or maybe boyfriend. I'd picked him up lunchtime and he'd just made love to me which means he'd fucked me and I was now going to return the compliment. He reckoned that he was a virgin and I had teen model malaysia no reason to doubt his word. I was going to enjoy what was to come and I would try and make sure he did.He was seventeen and down in Brighton trying for seasonal work but some sort of a monsoon season had settled on the South Coast and he was more or less on his last legs cashwise when I'd met him and to be honest, he was an easy swag.He really was beautiful once he got his awful clothing off and had a good bath. Sallow skinned and slightly shorter than my six feet, he was slender although no runt. He had long dark hair, very eightyish and the cutest upturned nose, sweet kissable lips and all the rest of it. I don't want to wax too lyrical as my judgement was clouded, I was in love. I'd gone down like a ton of bricks and now I was about to sample his virgin bottom, I was about to pop his cherry and he seemed perfectly willing. I wanted to keep it this way and that was why I was playing super cool. No rushing in here, a nice slow bit of lovemaking was called for... no crash, bang, wallop with this kid.I've got to stop calling him a kid, I was only nineteen myself but I had advantages and one of them was that I had the nest. The house I was guarding or fucking model young minding belonged to a pal who was touring the sunny Mediterranean at the moment and was pretty well loaded as you may gather. I'd minded his house last year and was doing it again. I'd found a fellow student to keep me company last year but this year I'd found Dave, purely by chance and after only the briefest of looks around. He'd appeared, we'd chatted and now we'd got to this stage. An very important stage at that.I lay down alongside him and ran my fingers across the smooth skin of his bottom and then ran a finger down his crack, he quivered and moaned opening his legs just a little.'Take your time, make it slow,' he whispered into the cushion.'No probs... no rush,' I assured him and licked his firm, warm sexy model beauty skin. I planted small kisses on his bottom as lsm models photos I travelled to the base of his spine and then worked up his back to his neck. My stiffness brushed up his side and he flinched once but then settled down. He knew I was going to take him, we'd talked about it and I knew he was trying. He wanted me, he hadn't actually said that but I was sure our attraction for each other was mutual. I reached down to his lazonamodels soft bottom and wiggled my fingers between his cheeks and he slowly opened up. It was time for me to seyx model girl start going south. I kissed down his back but this time didn't divert I opened his legs and sighted his pucker. With his sallow skin it was a darker brown and so inviting I nearly popped one there and then.I parted his legs as far as I could without straining him and knelt between them ducking my head and started to take long cowlicks up and down his crack. He giggle and wriggled but accepted my attentions without any hassle. The next step came when I flathanded his delicious bottom and parted his cheeks to expose my prize. Now for the jackpot.I lowered my little schoolgirl models head virtually tasting his boy scent, that juvenile musk that is such a turn on for someone like myself. He was fresh from the shower so without any hesitation at all I lapped and slobbered at his tiny ring as he giggled into his cushion and in the end shoved his bottom up for my mouth. It was then I dragged the spare pillow under him and went to town. I kept his cheeks spread and began to quite literally eat him out. I nibbled and slavered at his tight pucker and he moaned and wriggled on me.'You dirty sod,' he reached back and ruffled my hair. uoung models 'This is so bent...' He giggled again but pushed his bottom up even more. It was time. I gently stroked his gleaming ring with my finger, applied a little pressure and it slid into his tight warmth. He clamped on me but then relaxed when I told him and even pushed out when I started to move my finger inside him deeper and deeper.I might have said before that he wasn't a dummy and clearly he'd picked up on the pushing out bit when he'd done me. My finger moved inside and I found his prostate and that was it. He moaned and wriggled on my finger thrashing around and humping up onto my thrusts. When I slid my finger free he gave a little disappointed moan but there was more to come. young lady models I grabbed the lotion and trickled some onto his tailbone letting it prepubescent models run down onto his pucker and then worked it in and intruded two fingers into his hot boy fanny. He flinched a bit but took to it once I delved deeper attacking his prostate again.'Jeez, Pete,' he moaned. 'I'm so hard.'I laughed softly as I plundered his bottom with my fingers making circular motions easing that all important muscle unti I felt it pliable and relaxing as I moved my well oiled double asian nude supermodel digit dildo in and out. 'Now comes the real thing,' I slowly slipped my fingers free watching his open hole slowly close expelling a trace of oil. He was as ready as he was going to be.He tensed up teen models 3d and trembled a little as he felt my knees inside his and then clamped tightly as my oiled russian topless models glans slipped across his pucker . After a moment he relaxed and as I saw him push out, extrem skinny models his pucker pouted at me as I gave just the gentlest of pressures. I saw his pucker sink in and then part, after that my mouth was on his neck and I was kissing and nuzzling as I felt my glans open up his ring and enter him. Once inside his pucker closed up tightly on my shaft but I was in him and that was the main thing.'OK, Dave?''Yeah,' he grunted and I felt him push out again as I gained another inch. 'No probs,' he laughed a little nervously as I sank a bit lower into uncharted territory. God, he was so tight and so hot and I don't know how I held back from just shagging him silly but I did. I gently took him all the way until I was sexy pretteen models totally sheathed in his hot softness and I lay on his back with my pubics pressed against his bum. 'Is it in?' He turned his head slightly and grinned.'It is now,' I gave a little push pressing his buttocks as I went deeper.'Ouch... OK, OK,' he pushed up onto me. teenmodel passwort forum 'I believe you.''You are so tight, so warm,' I crooned and he gave the first of many little anal squeezes which girls panty models nearly send sexsy models me over the edge.'Good,' he tried to reach back but I pinioned his arms out to his side and started to move. I really couldn't wait, I was on the verge and I had to do it. We could do it all again later but he'd cum pretty quickly and I was about to do the same.I started to fuck properly and he lay there silent apart from the occasional moan but he pushed up onto me all the time and when I started to go frantic at the end he pushed his bum up really hard as if unwilling to lose me. I grabbed his hips and pumped hard as I felt my heat arising.'I'm cuming...' I wailed and I did. Long searing blasts of cum splattered inside him as I offloaded one of the best climaxes of my young life. His arse seemed to suck me dry as I squirted my all into his delightfully tight ex virgin bottom. In the end I just lay on him shattered and drained with my softening dick rammed up into his cum laden hole.'Whew,' he silvia model teen whispered. 'That was something else... gonna get off me now?'I slipped free and rammed the faithful towel between his cheeks happy models tgp and we faced each other for a moment before going into a full scale snog. I was chuffed, nude young model no moody teeny, no recriminations, just passion and a breath taking series of tongue on tongue. He was alright and I was over the moon. He'd do it again and maybe again, I was sure of it.'Was I good?' He asked like a little boy some time later when we sprawled by the fire taking the odd peep at the television.'Brilliant,' I answered quite truthfully.'Good,' he managed top muscle models to look shy which was hard for him as he was pretty bold and outspoken as far as teenagers go. 'I liked it,' free preten model he whispered and flopped back on the cushion.'Good, so did I,' I laughed and kissed his belly and one thing led to another and that another was bed. The night had worn on and we'd had our fill of rolling about on the floor, we needed sleep and comfort, or maybe the other way around.Another swift shower and I thought by the time I was finished with Dave I'd either have web feet or maybe be drained to a husk but he demonstrated in the shower his remarkable powers of recovery. The mutt was trying to shag me in the shower little models charmers for God's sake... I got him dried off after the bloody hairdryer saga yet petit girls modells again and let him go. This time it was young model free nicer, he knew what he was doing and what he wanted. As soon as he penetrated me I just lay back to enjoy only this time I let him do me from the front. I wanted to feel his mass totally and I also wanted to hug him and kiss as he shagged. I wrapped my legs around him crushing him in as he pumped away, I dragged voluptuous models his face to mine as he did the dirty and it seemed to go on forever. Wowsers, that kid new models had stamina, he fucked like a machine, a machine with feeling as he kissed and fucked 2006 model cars as well as stroked me and moved me around on the bed exploring every inch of my belly with his hot cock. Thank you Lord, for your little lost lamb. He managed to cum in fruity bursts before I passed out. He came in juddering jets which must have been at least equal to his last effort and yet again I felt his cum smear outside me as he finished his spunky climax. He fell on me pressing me to the bed kissing and cuddling as we came down from that particular high. It was better than good and I was already thinking how the hell I could keep him for the month, one night just wasn't enough.We slept well and repeated the performance in the morning although I took the lead. We had a nice laid back and lazy weekend, I fed him up and on the Sunday afternoon we took a stroll around purely for the fresh air you understand. It was pleasant although still drizzly. Our locality was mainly residential and there was a small park which we wandered abercromie models into brolly at the high port. The place was pretty deserted apart from a few stray kids looking rather forlorn and a few dogs having their constitutionals, crapping the place up as they do... that's the canines not the bipeds.We were taking a slow stroll back and were looking in the window illegal lollita models of the corner shop which did papers and sweeties, you know the sort of place, when my delivery boy of last night emerged.'Hi, Peter,' he stopped and gave me a grin russaian teen models as the heavens suddenly opened up. He hurriedly stepped back into the overhang of the shop's frontage. I pressed in with Dave and used the umberella to try and shield the three of us.Jimmy or James was a damn sight more attractive in the daylight, at least I could see his face more clearly and he did looked remarkably like a younger version of David. I wondered idly if he had the same solid cock of my companion but thought it unlikely, David was a youth and this one was a boy... 3d model generator I'm talking a load of bollocks, there was probably not more that a year between them.'Dave meet James,' I looked at Dave and he gave James little panther teenmodel a nod and I saw a glint in is eye. That's not a lot but I saw a certain interest in James' eyes as well. OK, so I was a fanciful fool but it was a damp and bloody boring Sunday so, what the hell. 'Dave is staying with me for a month,' I blithely burbled to my delivery boy who, mind you, was as good as a complete stranger.'You had a student in there last year, didn't you?' James smirked knowingly and so much for the 'complete stranger' bit. He had a pretty good memory.'Variety is the spice of life,' I grinned inanely talking myself into a hole and earning a kick from Dave in the process.'What on earth are you going to do if it rains for a month? You'll get cabin fever,' James commented which I thought sexe tiny models was remarkably astute for a kid. Then again he might be an A Plus student for all virgin inocent model I knew.'Stay in bed,' David scowled at the weather and James laughed out loud.'Funny about that,' James looked at me and grinned again. 'I was thinking about snoozing for the afternoon once I give my dad ******** super models his ciggies and magazine. There's sod all on the box, I'm bored out of my skull and it's going to piss model teen collection down for the rest of the day.''Mmmm...' I looked at Dave and he gave an imperceptible nod of assent. and mouthed 'Go for it', or that's what it looked like. I looked at James and he just grinned. This kid was up for grabs, I could feel it and I remembered how he'd peeped at my family jewels in the passageway the previous evening. 'You can always pop around if you can handle a couple of old DVDs.' I offered.'Really? Is that what you call yourselves' He looked at me and Dave and laughed out loud. 'Just got to shoot these home to dad. I'll be around in twenty minutes.' Suddenly he rushed into the rain and was gone.'Come on, Dave. We have a guest.' I wandered off and he scurried alongside to keep under the brolly.'You've got a game boy,' he smirked as he hurried back to he house. 'That kid's randy and ripe.''Don't make assumptions. He may just be an innocent.'He looked at me and laughed as we walked up the small garden path. 'Did you hear what he said? No kid that age goes to a perfect stranger's house just like that, especially with two guys.''Perhaps he's adventurous.' I remarked.'I hope so,' Dave chuckled as we walked into the warmth and dryness.I had the fire going and drew the curtains which removed the view of the rainswept street. It was quite cosy and Dave and I removed our wet jackets and hung them in the kitchen to dry. Our trousers were wet as well and after a quick discussion we settled for beach shorts which were a bit inappropriate but good enough for lounging about on a Sunday afternoon. As far as I was concerned young James only had to make one wrong move and he was meat. Mind you, he only had to make one right move and he was meat as well, he couldn't win.'So, you fancy trying out your new skills?' I held David's waist and drew him in for a brief kiss.'Well, I think he's asking for it,' he spoke conversationally as if picking up a 'game boy' as he called them happened every rainy Sunday.'Maybe you're right,' I replied and split as I heard the doorbell. 'Now we find out.'I answered the door and it was James sure enough with his usual grin but soaked. I dragged him inside and hung his waterlogged jacket over the bannisters at the foot of the stairs and took him into the warmth of the lounge.'Going to the beach,' he looked Dave girlmodelindex and myself up and down. 'Sports day maybe?' He stood by the fire and started to steam, at least his jeans did.'Sports day,' Dave smiled and warmed his bottom at the fire.''Ralph must have decorated since I was here last,' James looked around and plucked at his wet trousers.'You know Ralph?' I asked surprised., Ralph had never mentioned James, he'd failed to mention he knew a tasty local teenage boy and more to the point that he'd entertained the latinas modelos porn same boy. The plot thickened as they say.'Yeah, I used to stay some nights after doing him a delivery,' James smiled. 'Got any spare shorts?''I'll find some,' Dave left the room leaving me alone with James and I went for it. There was no point in messing around, if I was wrong we could finish up in a screaming match and he'd walk out but I think we were past that point.I moved in and as James stared at me I reached out and fumbled at the stiff button at the waist of his jeans. He said absolutely nothing just stood there with that same slight smile on his face and allowed me to do my thing. The button finally came undone and I slid the zip down feeling his warmth and then as his jeans parted I saw his blue briefs and the solid lump buried within.'It's cool,' he whispered and put his hands on his hips as I tugged the stiff and damp material down his smooth thighs and they finished up around his ankles. 'Whoo, that's hot,' he moved away from the fire and into my arms. We were standing in a huddle and I'd just taken my first kiss from this very willing boy when Dave appeared modells with a pair of colourful shorts.'Wow,' he grinned looking at myself and James standing and swaying in front of hq teen models the fire. I turned James around so that he was still in my arms but he had his back to my chest now and as my hand slipped up inside his t-shirt I fingered his stiff nips and he moaned pushing his little bottom back into my groin.'Come on, David,' James husked and gave a little pelvic thrust. Dave took one look and stepped over dropping to his knees in front of the boy. I slipped my hands up James' sides taking his t-shirt off and over his short bristly hair. He had a nice trim and slim brown torso which I smoothed and caressed as he stated to sway sexily still making little thrusts with his crotch in David's direction.David wasn't one to play around however. He might be a late convert but he was eager and he hooked the front of James' briefs down and binaries petite model tugged them down virgin young models to join the damp jeans and nuzzled at the firm flesh as it became exposed. I heard James whine as David took him into his hot and wet mouth.'Oooooh...' James moaned as Dave little models gallery began to agencies models talent suck him and I began to kiss down his back finally holding his gently moving hips and lapping at his clenched bottom which soon relaxed as I wiggled my tongue at his divide. The boy was gone, he nude hawaiian model had Dave taking care of his front and me at his rear. 'Get naked, you two,' James croaked. 'Let's go for it.'Dave went first watched avidly by James squirming and pushing his soft little bottom onto my tongue. James sighed as Dave stood there finally naked in his long haired glory and then knelt again. I was next and moved around so that James could see me bare arsed before I returned to his rear. He smiled and I could see he approved as I gave his crack a tentative rub witth my hard cock before dropping and resuming my oral attentions.'Oh. my Gawd,' he moaned as I parted his cheeks and went for his tiny brown pucker with it's invitingly pink centre. This kid was no stranger to this sort of thing, he swayed like a dancer as angel models sex David sucked his five unterage models inch root and I sucked and slobbered at his tight little fanny... in the end we all subsided to the carpet in front of the fire and James and Dave went into a sixty niner with James on top and me still at his boy pussy.Dave continued sucking the boy's cock and I made for the KY which I'd stashed earlier in the day. Of course, I hadn't been expecting a third party to join our twosome but I had fancied a roll around in front of the fire so it was going to come in useful. I squirted a glop onto my fingers and slid them between James' soft buttocks. Like a good boy he immediately opened up to nude cherry model allow me full access. I felt pretty confident with the way he'd almost invited himself home and the fact that he knew Ralph. Ralph didn't take boys home to play Monopoly that was for sure and the way James was writhing around still fucking Dave's eager mouth I knew he was ready for it. I shoved my swollen glans between his oiled cheeks and felt the yield of his little pucker.He gave a low moan and then relaxed as I pushed into his beautiful tightness and heat. I held him by his trim waist and began to move in his well oiled anus sinking deeper and deeper into his tightness. James was well used, nine out of ten youngsters tense and tighten when you penetrate them, it's only the truly experienced relax. He pushed back and held Dave's head tightly until Dave changed tactics and crawled up for a kiss. It finished up with Dave flat on his back on the carpet, James on top of him mashing erections and me ontop slowly fucking into James' tight little arse. As I thrust in I pushed them together and they were virtually wanking each other with their sweaty cocks. Dave held James tightly and I could see looking past James' head at Dave that he wanted the boy as well. James was sure to want some return but I didn't care. I liked boy cock and it seemed Dave liked the idea naked picture supermodel even if he hadn't had the delightful experience of a schooly before.It finished up as a micro bikini models sweaty struggle but I managed to pin them both beneath me and let go. James moaned as he felt me swell and then pump his tight little hole full of my creamy spunk. I continued to slip in and out on my own coating of cum until they begged me to get off, poor David was moaning that he was getting squashed but I knew better. As I rolled clear and lay on my back David manhandled James around into a crouch and then set about him doggy style. James didn't object in the slightest he let David plug his hole with his hot cock and took seconds into his already oozing hole. I watched them at it and marvelled at David's stamina, it's never easy going seconds especially recent seconds. Apart from his own friction and sweat he was battling James' gutful of oil and my own deposit. Yeah, I know it sounds like going to the bank but Dave was fucking into an already pre young models flooded hole and he did well. It was noisy and sweaty but eventually David came gay pedo model and even whilst squirting slipped free, sent a splatter across James' gaping hole and then in mid squirt rammed straight back in... and that's something worth watching.'I am abso-fuckin'-lutely shagged,' James said later as we lay in front of the fire. I cuddled him from one side and Dave from the other.'And still hard,' Dave pointed out. 'You need relief,' he glanced across at me and bent over running his tongue up James' twitching shaft.'You need a fuck.' pre models cutie I put if more bluntly.'I'm shagged,' James repeated and I didn't know if that was an excuse. Perhaps he was a little queen, perhaps he liked it up his bum but didn't like to dish it out - or perhaps, as he'd said, he was tiny teenage models truly exhausted.'You can always stay the night,' I offered and ducked my head down to Dave's level and took the boy's sweet nuts into my mouth. James can't have been bottomless nude model that tired as he stroked both our heads and started pushing up into Dave's mouth as Dave went down on him and swallowed most of James in one go. I sucked and took the boy's balls in one at a time feel them tightening in their sac. Under normal circumstances I would have gone for eating him out or lapping his pussy but with two loads trickling from his pucker I decided to give it a miss.'Yeah, yeah,' James suddenly came to life and ignoring me he seized Dave's head and started to fuck frantically. Dave flashed me a grin and sucked away to be rewarded by James giving a long moan and I felt his tight balls twitch as his cock jerked in Dave's mouth and quite clearly cum. Well, it was clear to me. Dave gulped and swallowed and then let go of James who shot his final streamer up onto his belly puddling his navel and then I took over preeten models fashion sucking his softening cock dry. He was done and lay there with a lazy smile on his face as we licked him clean and finished up with a kissfest.'We owe you a fuck apiece,' I reminded him as we lay there in the warmth of the room listening to the rain hammering on the windows.'Did you mean that... about staying the night?' James looked at me.'Yeah, as long as your parents are all right.''They will be model girld if I go over home for dinner and come over later, I can spin them a yarn about computer games super little models or something. They let me stay over with Ralph.''So you've said. OK teenage russian model then,' I made the decision. 'You ask and if you can, come over later, you can children xxx modells sleep in with David and myself.''Right, I'll fix it,' he grinned. 'And I get first pop of the cherry or whatever you call it.''Shag.' David supplied.'Fuck.' I said. That was it, all fixed. We sent him upto the bathroom to do the necessary and have a shower and once he left after a bit of snogging and fumbling, not enough to get too excited about you understand ,we had our own meal and settled down to the television.By around eight fresh models pics I'd just about given up on him. I looked out and the heavy rain and reduced to a drizzle, perhaps he'd had second thought and that was OK, it was his decision after all. At around half past eight the phone rang and Dave wholinks2me nn models looked at me as I arose to answer.'James?''Maybe, maybe not. Could be someone avent model b after Ralph.' David was right, it was James and he told miniskirt models tgp me that he'd be over about nine and he was safe for the night. We were going into a second round and this time James was in the driving seat.'Just play it cool, let him lead when we get to bed,' I looked at David and smiled. 'We'll let him go first and give him the choice... he is a guest after all.''What about me?' David laughed. 'I thought I was a guest.''Nah,' I grabbed him into a quick love struggle and snog before James arrived. 'You're the lodger now... you pay your way.''Gotcha,' he guffawed. 'I'm gonna call you Mr Blunt.''That'll do. We'll try and find you a little job if the weather improves. If it doesn't we can share the houseminding.'We sat there watching the box and sure enough ten minutes later the bell rang and I let Dave answer it. It was James and he gave a big grin as he entered the room and slung his jacket onto one of the chairs. It must have stopped raining as I noted the jacket was dry but that was incidental, James was here and he was on model teen boys top form. He dropped into my lap winding me and then giggled like a girl. 'I'm here,' he announced a little unnecessarily.'So you are,' I jiggled myself comfortable slipping my hand up inside his sweatshirt feeling his smooth and warm body. He was a little darling and I slightly resented having to share him with David but that's the way it goes. You can't have your cake and eat it too whatever that means but I think it covers the situation.'Mmm...' he purred and wriggled his little bottom into my groin and here's me thinking he was going to go all butch tonight. 'You're hard,' he giggled.'Not surprising. Anyway, you're heavy, go and sit on Dave.''Misery guts,' he grizzled and sprang over the room and flung himself onto Dave who was stretched out on the sofa watching the nightly news.'Ooof...' Dave gasped and wrapped is arms around the boy as James imediately developing embryo models started to dry hump. This was all going too fast, here I was looking forward to a relaxing evening and then a romantic night and we seemed to have caught ourselves a juvenile sex maniac.Lager. That was the answer, I rushed to the kitchen and got three cans, I knew kids were perpetually horny but the other things 11yo julia model kids that age liked were food and illicit alcohol bikini model charity and the point berkshire valley models was proved when James tore himself away from Dave and sat there quite docile sucking on his can of Fosters.'How old are bikini busty model you James?' I asked casually as we watched the TV.'Fifteen coming on sixteen,' he grinned quite happily. 'A bit late to ask things like that.''True,' I acknowledged. 'Shit,' I'd heard the patter of rain on the windows and peered through the curtains. 'I don't believe it.''Victor Meldrew,' James laughed.'I was looking to get some sunbathing in this holiday.''Small chance and no chance,' James giggled. 'You'll have to stay in bed with Dave for a month. They'll wheel you out on a stretcher all withered and wrinkly.''What a way to go,' Dave laughed.'We should be OK as long as we get regular boy juice injections,' kelly young model I grinned at our resident schooly.'I can do that,' he boasted. 'Doctor James and his Jerking Joint.''Har, har,' Dave rolled around on his sofa. 'How many times have you ever cum in a day... top score.''Six,' James replied instantly. 'But my dick was sore at teen model factory2 the end of it.''He'll do, Dave,' I looked across at my temporary lover. 'We'll chain him up in the basement.''And cover him in baby oil.''And do him a butt plug and cock strap.''And nipple clamps.''And a gag to stop him screaming hungarian teens model as we plunder his oiled up little fanny.''Shurrup, you two perverts,' James giggled. 'You are so sick, anyway, I get to go first tonight.''OK,' Dave and I spoke at the same time and then laughed.'Eeny, meeny, miney, no,' James pointed his finger at one of us and then the other.'Heads, Dave. Tails, me,' I tossed him a fifty pence piece.'Alright,' James grinned. 'This is fun. pubescent nonnude models Who wants a man tonight,' he tried to look butch and failed dismally. 'Is it the young model oics youthful working class peasant fallen on hard times, or the student type, the evil mastermind?''Spin the fuckin' coin,' David laughed and James did.'Tails,' he declared as the silvery coin bounced off the coffee table and fell on the carpet. 'Tails means you,' he grinned and looked at me. 'No whining when I shaft you with my mighty penis.''Shut up, Numb Nuts,' I laughed and settled back to try and watch cover models the idiot box. That was one thing sorted out and natural justice in a way, I was the host after all and Dave could catch up with him when I'd had my fill. I had the funny sandra model imageboard feeling that James would keep going all night but time would tell.Sod's Law dictates when you want to do something another something pops up on the box and sure enough childs models nude at eleven o'clcock a programme about Manchester United RC was aired which, naturally enough, had my Dave glued to the box. James had been giving me they eye for some time and I jerked my head towards the stairs.'We're going to bed,' I told Dave and he just mumbled something in return. 'We're going to bed to get into a huddle and fornicate our lives away.''Alright, alright,' he laughed. 'I get the message but I've got to watch this. See you around midnight.' I left him to it, he was happy watching his bloody young hairless models footballers and I had James tugging at my arm with his pointy shorts leading the way. That suited me just fine, I'd have the randy boy child to myself. I allowed myself to be dragged up the stairs and once in the bedroom James came over all butch which was rather charming in it's way. I hoped I could keep this job going for a couple of years, it would be nice to see him develope into a sixteen, seventeen and even an eighteen year old. We lay on the bed doing an occasional kiss but exploring each other's bodies in detail once the shorts and briefs were flung to the floor. He was so hard, mind you, I wasn't to bad myself but it was his moment of glory.'You're not bad for an old boot,' he comented with a grin as he finally straddled me.'Prince Charming,' I grinned and grasped his stiffness squeezing it and running his foreskin over his dark red and shining glans. He was oozing just a little and I grasped his hips heather teen model shuffling his kneeling form up my body until his jerking penis was an inch away from my mouth. He sighed and smirked as I drew him in bathing his knob with my tongue and then taking him into my mouth. He tasted nice and that's another thing... why does people's cum taste different. I knew Dave's was thicker and meatier and that was fair enough as he was bigger and older but he tasted different from James. Sod model pantyhose 12yo it, I didn;t really care, I clamped my lips on James' hardeness as he slowly moved to and from. 'Under the pillow,' I gobbled around his hot cock.'What?' He paused for a moment and then teen topless modeling fumbled around and giggled as he found the tube. 'Right,' he giant bbw models slid from my mouth and shuffled back squatting on my own erection squashing it into my belly. 'Ooooh...' he moved up and down a little but uncapped the lube. He had no intention on terry's nude models missing out of his slice of the action.'Move down and get kneel between my legs,' I ordered and he did that so that he loomed, lurked or hovered (one of those words) above me with his rigid boy flesh jutting proudly and very clearly in need of some action if the bubble of precum was anything to go by. I watched him oil it up until it was a gleaming spike. I'd forgo the fingering caper as I was well used to Dave by now. James would just be the icing on the cake or the cum on the cracker I suppose. I took nude models kids my knees up to my chest exposing my all and after telling him to take it easy and take his time I was ready.He was pretty good, he'd clearly done this before in spite of what he may say. Anyway, I couldn't see Ralph letting him get out of the house without fucking as well as being fucked. Ralph had similar views to myself, he liked it both ways and especially with youngsters. It calmed his mothering instings he said but that was Ralph, he did talk a load of tripe... he just liked being shagged by boys.'Come on,' I whispered and he moved in on his knees lowering himself slightly and I felt him rub his lubed glans up and down my split and the make kittkle circular moves around my pucker. 'Come on, James,' I whispered more urgently grabbing his hips.'No rush,' he grinned . 'Will I, won't I?' He gave a little prod and I felt my pucker begin to open models toplist petite and then he withdrew. He did this for a second time but on his third tease I pulled his hips and he sank into me. He froze and the expression on his face was a picture. The Portrait of a Happy Bunny by a famous artist. His face 14yo topless teenmodel was sweat sheened in the dim lighting and he really did look like a rather depraved angel as he smiled down at me and pushed. I felt big breasted model his boy's cock open me up and fill my needy hole as he began to move in and out slowly filling me with his hot cock and finally bottoming out. His pubics crushed under my scrotum and he sighed with satisfaction as I clamped on his boyhood and wrapped my legs around him.''Wunderbar,' he smirked and gave an extra dig.'Sweaty Betty,' I mocked as now I had him trapped like a Venus Fly Trap and no way was he getting free until I'd drained his creamy cum and left him a withered husk. My calves lipped down onto his thighs and I clasped is tight muscular little buttocks as he began to pump into me. He took his time and I kissed his sweet lips and lapped at his sweaty neck as he moved in and out working himself into a climax. By the time he'd done we were one gleaming mass of arms and legs and boy... he was one good fuck. He must have been oversexed otherwise I couldn't figure out how he produced so much cum. He seemed to blast gallons of the stuff, splat after splat of thick, warm and slippery spunk deep teen petit model into my gut and when he finished he was still hard and still going strong until I begged him to stop. Eventually we lay together on my wrecked bed giggling young models forum and mumbling away to each other as we tasted and savoured each other's bodies. As far as fucks go that one was well up in my top five, even my top three and we would do it again and again. James was now on holiday and he promised he'd be spending a lot of time with myself and David assuming we wanted him to.Silly question that one.'Hi guys,' David grinned from the doorway. 'I've turned the TV and lights off.''Come on Davey,' James laughed. 'Join the club,' he patted the damp bed between us. I shuffled to the side making way. It was time to watch and get my breath back and after that... THE model pedo teen END
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